These are some resources I recommend for further reading if you are inclined. They may include literature from others, guides from myself, or even files for you to try for your printer.
Sean Aranda's "3D Printing Failures"
You will inevitably run into problems with your printer. Sean (3DPrintGeneral)'s book is an excellent resource for troubleshooting. It's also excellent for casual reading so you are versed in the problems that may arise when the time arrives, so that you are not scouring the index for brand-new info. In addition, his book contains a wealth of information on material science specifically for our niche of 3D printing. (Namely, how certain polymers react to heat, impact, etc.)

Grab it from Amazon here!
Prusa Materials Gudie
This guide from Prusa is excellent regarding materials. There's no SEO fluff or loopy writing- it's a fast and concise resource for the various materials you may want to print with.​​​​​​​
Authored by Vinh
The guides and content below I wrote myself.
Vinh's Cura Profiles
I put together some of my own Cura profiles after some agonizing tweaking. You can find them on my GitHub!

How to add OctoPrint to your printer
This is a guide I put together for folks comfortable with printing. You'll learn how to set up and configure OctoPrint for your 3D printer.​​​​​​​
How to build a bullet trap from a 55-gallon drum
Learn how I test firearms with my home-made bullet trap. I documented a brief list of materials and how to build here. (This assume you are handy with power tools and 2x4 planks.)
How I make the most of my Ender 3 V2's
This is my little checklist and personal selection of what I choose to configure and upgrade my Ender 3 V2's with. It's more of a roadmap than a discrete how-to.
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