On this page, I share my thoughts and provide links to various filaments I use.
Some links here I get a small kick back as they're affiliate links.
eSun PLA+
The baseline and bare minimum: dirt cheap and accessible
eSun's PLA+ is one of the best values in filament. It is inexpensive, consistent, and easy to use. Meant to be a sturdier version of PLA, eSun puts durability within reach for much of the home gunsmithing audience.
Just like PLA though, don't leave it in direct sunlight.
Live next to a Micro Center? Inland branded PLA+ is the exact same as eSun's! It's just whitelabel. You'll save a few bucks getting it in-person too.
Vinh's Thoughts: This is the baseline filament I recommend to *everyone*. It's cheap, and it's durable, with no-frills.
22$ USD (as of 11/11/2021)
PolyMaker PolyMax PLA (formerly "Tough PLA")
The upper height of PLA durability
Pricy, but it's worth it. This I would say is the most durable (and high-quality) filament you can buy for PLA+.
Vinh's Thoughts: PolyMax is what I print in when I have a model that I know won't need further printing or revisions.
30$ USD (as of 11/11/2021)
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