Car Stuff
Models for cars specifically.
Lexus/Toyota Switch Keystone Adapter (55539-76030)
A switch blank modified to allow a keystone to be attached for electrical car modifications.
Replacement Cigarette Socket Cover for Lexus CT 200h (85535-76020)
A replacement/customizable cigarette socket cover for various Lexus cars.
2012 Chevy Volt Trunk Knob / Cargo Net Retainer
A replacement knob that goes in the back of a Chevy Volt cargo area
Camera Stuff
Models for cameras specifically.
Disposable Lens Mount and Cap for Nikon NIKKOR 1 (N1) Mounts
A simple disposable lens mount for a Nikon camera using the NIKKOR 1 lens mount.

Assorted Accessories
Various accessories and oddities for electronics or lifestyle items
Replacement Cover for Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3NX/3Z
A replacement cover for the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3NX/3Z encrypted thumb drive
Steam Deck Dock Cover for Skins/Covers on the Steam Deck
A dock cover for accommodating Steam Decks with a thick grip or cover on it.
reMarkable 2 Charging Dock for Type Folio
A dock for the RM2 that can accommodate the Type Folio
Ratchet Belt Hanger

A single-belt hanger for ratchet belts. Specifically made for KORE EDC belts, but should work with others.
COGIT Slim Shoe Rack cover shoes

Shoes to go on the bottom of the COGIT Slim Shoe Rack for added stability and rigidity.
Tool Utilities and Accessories
Here's a small collection of all the printing accessories and tools I've made to make my life easier.
eSUN eBox Filament Dryer Replacement Gasket (1.75mm / 4.00mm Bowden Tube)
A printable gasket / guide for the eSun eBox filament dryer, using 4.0mm diameter bowden tubes versus the larger tube.

Irwin 4.0in Vise Soft Jaws
A set of soft jaws to be printed for working with delicate or prone-to-marring parts.
5D Tactical Router Jig Pro 1.25in Vacuum Hose Adapter
A hose adapter for the 5D Tactical AR-15 Jig to support certain 1.25in hoses.
Heat Inset Tool Accessory Holder
Tool holder to keep hex keys, wrench, and storage unit on the tool itself.
Firearm Receivers and Accessories
These are some guns of my design (or remix) you can 3D print. Follow all local laws and regulations. Print and use at your own risk. These are only links to other hosting platforms. (No files hosted on this website.)
These are sorted in no particular order.
The MEPR is the "MPX Equivalent Printed Receiver". It is based off of the DS1913 model, and contains the necessary geometry to fit Sig Sauer MPX ambidextrous parts, as well as the upper receiver.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Sig Sauer.)
Download from The Gatalog
The Sig Sauer 522, now mostly forgotten and long abandonded .22LR platform mimicking the look and feel of its bigger brother (the Sig Sauer 556), returns as the "Pond Side" 522 (PS522). The PS522 is easy to assemble, and is particularly conservative on its use of plastic. It uses all original parts from the 522, except for the manual bolt-hold open.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Sig Sauer.)
Download from The Gatalog
A printable receiver for the MONTGO-9 9mm upper receiver by Matador Arms
Download from The Gatalog
AR-7 Camper III
The AR-7 Camper III (alternatively written "Camper3") is the spiritual successor to the novel Armalite AR-7, Charter Arms AR-7, Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer II (Pistol), and the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle, improving on the reciever design by adding some modern features.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Armalite, Charter Arms, or Henry.)
Download from The Gatalog
A printable reciever for the Browning BAR-22. Designed using a late-70s early production kit.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Browning.)
Download from Odysee
The SW1522 is an AR-15 lower, derived off the DS1913 v1.0 baseline (which is based off the Disruptive Solutions AR-15 lower from FOSSCAD), specifically made to support Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 kits.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Smith and Wesson.)
Download from The Gatalog
An AR-15 lower optimized for an Atchisson/CMMG .22 LR conversion kit.
Revised with a v2.0 model.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Atchisson or CMMG.)
Download from The Gatalog
A printable receiver for the Remington 597 .22 LR part kits. Not compatible with .17 HMR part kits. Untested with .22 WMR kits.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Remington.)
A printable lower receiver optimized for 3D printing based on the technical data package of the AR-16 provided by The Gatalog. This lower omits the necessary geometry to function on a Perun X-16 upper receiver.
The DD43.1 is built off of the G43 SS80 Frame by FreeMenDontAsk. It utilizes the same design concepts from the newer DD17.2 models, which incorperates a milled front locking block, and stamped (or milled) rear rails. This enable the frame to be created by DIY methods rather than be reliant on proprietary products.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Glock.)
Download from The Gatalog
Download from GitHub​​​​​​​
ChairmanWon's CMW43X is an all-original ground-up modeling and revisitation of the Glock 43X. It uses the DD43.1 rail specifications previously released by Vinh Nguyen.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Glock.)
Download from The Gatalog
The SW9 pistol frame is based off of FMDA's SD9 pistol frames. The SW9, being older, lacks the enhanced sear housing with integrated rails that the revised SD9 has. This model addresses that deficiency by introducing a DIY rail spec to accomodate the legacy SW9 sear housing.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Smith and Wesson.)
Download from The Gatalog
Download from GitHub​​​​​​​
A frame for the S&W M&P 9, 9L, 9C, and Girsan MC 28 SA parts kits.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Girsan or Smith and Wesson.)
Download from The Gatalog
ASP 2.1 (Shield 9)
A reimagining of the Devel ASP, but on FMDA's S&W M&P Shield 9.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Smith and Wesson.)
Download from The Gatalog

A remix of FMDA and CtrlPew's Tec9/GB-10 printable frame to accommodate the Kimel AP-9 recievers and drop-in trigger group.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Kimel or Intratec.)
Download from The Gatalog
STR-15 (Superstar)
The Groupie/Superstar STR-15 is an AR-15 lower receiver designed exclusively for buffer-less upper receiver actions, and uses any Mossberg 500-series compatible stock/pistol-grip attachment. It is based off the Disruptive Solutions AR-15 lower (untested) and includes revisions for fitment and ease of installation.
Download from The Gatalog
Vinh's M500 Grip Package
An assortment of two printable grips (Birdshead and Mare's Leg) for any Mossberg 500 compatible grip interface.
(Not affiliated or endorsed by Mossberg.)
Download from Odysee
Vinh's Heritage Rough Rider Mods
The iconic claim-to-fame from me- a set of attachments for the Heritage Rough Rider to allow the use of an AR-15 buffer tube, and a picatinny rail attachment for the barrel.

(Not affiliated or endorsed by Taurus Ltd or Heritage Mfg.)
Download from The Gatalog
Daichi .22 LR Printable AR-15 Upper Receiver
A 3D-printable upper receiver and barrel shroud set for .22 LR conversion/dedicated AR-15 kits. It includes revisions to address lower receiver fitment, charging handle fitment, as well as adds a standard picatinny rail. The package also includes a brand-new, printable barrel shroud and barrel nut for a complete DIY package.
Based off of DangerCat5's Revision 6 (2019), which is based off of DangerCo's Revision 5 (2018), which is based off of Gil's Revision 4 (2013).
Download from The Gatalog
Made in collaboration with TM18271998. (Pictured is eng87's remix.)

This frame is compatible with full size and long-slide parts kits for FNS pistols. This only requires a complete lower frame completion kit, and a slide assembly. It is NOT compatible with interchangable backstraps, or a manual safety.
Download from The Gatalog
TMS-FNS Remix for The FN 509/FNS-C
A derivative of the TMS-FNS, this remix includes support for the newer FN 509 part kits along with the middle FNS-9C.
(Not affiliated with or endorsed by FN Herstal.)
Download from The Gatalog
Compact Remix for Freeman's EAA/SAR Witness Frame
A remix of the EAA/Tanfoglio Witness for compact magazines.
(Not affiliated with or endorsed by EAA or Tanfoglio.)

Vs22 (.22 LR Receiver for the Vz61 Conversion Kit)
This is the VS-22 receiver, based on the VZ-61 Lower Receiver by FreemenDontAsk. It is remixed *specifically* for the Czech Small Arms' .22LR Conversion Kit, as those differ from surplus spec kits just enough to require a revision. Changes include fitment issues for the reciever and magazine.
This revision also includes a 1913 rail option on the top of the receiver, with 1913 brace mounting options.
A 3D printable frame for Walther PPX and Creed part kits, with variants for Glock magazines and original PPX magazines.
(Not affiliated with or endorsed by Walther.)
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